Posted on: November 15, 2008 2:42 pm

Dimmn 19's Blog- This is why I started it!

I started this blog...because there are a lot of things that I believe that has happened to Rex Grossman that I can't really share on the main board. I can't share them because I am now thought of as an unreasonable Rex lover... and Nobody will take it seriously...be that as it is, I think Many things I believe are true.

Here are a few.

Rex is not anymore of a fumbler then Kyle Orton- REX= 19 Orton=18 ...what does that tell you? NOTHING- people will always think of Rex as a fumble prone qb. When in fact it's just the same as Orton....Now the difference is that Rex fumbled in HIGH PROFILE games- The Monday Night Arizona game and The Superbowl- thus he's a fumbling bum. It's just not fair,

Orton is now a god of qb might! While he has played well- He has...I COMPLETELY believe that Orton's 4-3 record as a starter this season is looked at MUCH more Favorably- BECAUSE of Rex. Rex didn't play well against the Cowboys last season- That's about it...that's the game that got him benched and that the last game people remember. Keep in mind that REX played well in 2007... you take away the Cowboys game and he wasn't as bad as people think- AND he WON the Oakland game- after Brian Griese completely SUCKED and was BENCHED! He wasn't hurt that much and was THE REAL REASON the Bears lost as much as they did... ALSO keep in mind that Rex would have continued to play if not for the knee sprain that knocked him out of that last game- Orton didn't do anything special in the last 3 games of 07...the D came back from injury and was motivated- PLUS Brett Favre gave up in the Green Bay game in the wind... (GB didn't need that game) AND Orton still LOOKED like the Orton of 2005...That is a joke to me that he "proved" anything in that game. AND he still only won 2 freaking games.

Lovie Smith- is now a Dbag to the greatest degree when it comes to Rex Grossman- He COMPLETELY has fear for his job and made the QB decision based on Fan Reaction, The Family Night practice that the Bears had in Training Camp when they BOOED Rex for no reason...sealed Rex's fate and NOTHING he did on the field was going to Change Lovie's mind... Joke IMO. This whole Orton Injury is a prime example of that- In the past Lovie believed that "Rex gives us the best chance to win" - That was when the SAME two QB's were on the TEAM! NOT To mention that BRIAN GRIESE was AHEAD of ORTON!!! he was an Afterthouht! The Fans chose the starting QB- Because they wanted ANYONE but REX! and Lovie played RIGHT INTO IT! Of course when Orton came out and DID the smart thing for him- HE played Careful football- He didn't hold the ball very long and ALWAYS checked it down- HE knew that if he tried to force a pass he would wind up JUST like Grossman...And that chicken sh!t kind of play gave the fans what they wanted- NOT REX! Back to the Orton injury- NOW all of a sudden...Orton is a god and Rex gets NO support from his coach- Lovie could be saying things like- "we have two starters" but NO he throws Rex under the bus and proclaims Orton ready to go, and "the best players will play crap" - REX IS THE BEST PLAYER!

NO player can perform when NOBODY gives that a chance to succeed! It's crazy to me how much crap that Rex get's in this town- and now it a prime motivator for me to defend him even more. The Head Coach, the Media, the Fans..ALL Crap on Rex. AAAHHHHHH

I can Promise ANYONE that Orton will become the Same Goat that all the fans love now...He will be booed soon and Lovie will be fired in the next 2 seasons... It's the Exact same as in 2005...ORTON was the one booed off the field in favor of Rex...This next time it will be in favor of Caleb Hanie or someone else... The only difference is that the Bears will Pay Orton some stupid amount of money for some precieved Greatness. HE HAS LEAD THEM TO A 4-3 RECORD!!!!!!! people He's NOT a bad QB, But he's not worth the Romo money! I CAN gaurentee that he will not be the Bears starter in 4 years... The fans won't let that to happen.

I have much more ammo for this...more to come.

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