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Rex/Kyle Orton Selective History.

Posted on: November 30, 2008 6:09 pm

 I would like to revisit the selective Rex Grossman History- 

I love how NOW everyone likes to point out that Rex got injured in his rookie year...while true, he broke his finger in the LAST game of his rookie season There was 2 quarters left in the season... Yes with Jauron, Shoop was his OC in that rookie season- does that help or hurt Rex? just saying Rookie year- injured, 2nd year- injured, 3rd year- injured. when people see that it's just not all the info... and frustrates me, you could do that for a lot of qbs- but for some reason it has a negative conotation to it when it comes to Rex- that's just me...

Lovie came in and made Rex the starter, no competition

2004- ok this is the selective memory part that I don't like- (many do the same thing with hindsight) First of all, Rex DID show enough in those three games as a rookie to get the job as a first round pick- NO team is going to draft or bring in a "starting" qb to compete with a 1st round pick in their second year... ALSO Lovie hired a NO NAME OC in Terry Shea, Shea also brought with him Johnathan Quinn- and drafted Creig Krenzel in the 5th round (he just won the National Champ with OSU) and after Rex went down they brought in Chad Hutchinson who was a MLB player turned NFL qb with one year experience- WHO do you suggest would be competion with Rex? THE team was 5-11 that year, with Rex starting 3 games, Quinn starting 3, Krenzel starting 5 and Hutchinson starting 5- ALSO They juggled Quinn and Krenzel for a few games benching each for the other at halftime of at least 2 games- it was just pittiful... < goes to the state of QB in Chicago...

2005-  They fired Shea, and brought in Turner- Still had Quinn on roster to start the season Quinn was terrible in relief of Rex in that game he got hurt, and was launched after that game- Chad Hutchinson was given the next chance to be the starter after Rex went down in ... He didn't do well, was cut before the season started- Then Went to Rookie 4th round pick Orton. They Also brought in Jeff Blake and Jeff George late in the season. Fans were calling for either of these guys even when the Bears were winning 8 in a row- (rex wasn't healthy yet) Orton averaged 126 yards a game for the season- IN the 8 game win streak it was 119 yards a game... that is the definition of D winning the game. THAT is also why they went back to Rex in the Atalanta game. Kyle Orton had game passing yard totals of: 90, 97, 67, 49, and 12 yards (one half) in that season- That is why they went to Rex...not because Rex was SO good, but more so because KYLE wasn't. (and I know he was a rookie, I didn't expect him to be that great) The myth of Kyle being Really Good in that season just isn't true... This is ALSO why:

2006- They brought in Brian Griese. And moved Kyle Orton to 3rd string- because of the above... Rex started and played the whole season, taking the team to the superbowl.

I will agree with you that the NFL did "figure out" how to stop Rex Grossman...but HE DID make adjustments- I can argue that After the Arizona game in 06 the Book Was Out on Rex... did he still have GOOD games after that? YES... And that is also part of the mythical history that many point to on here... many just chalk that game up as his career was over and was NEVER good again..when in reality- he did this:

9-4 record 2,334 yards...and that includes all three playoff games. He still had games with good QB ratings and yards... His average was still 183 yards a game- (still more then Orton after they "figured him out") Granted he averaged 227 in the first 6 games. We still have to understand that this was Rex's first full season, you should expext some mistakes as a player with 6 career starts to start the season.

I just don't like the mythical history and people just automaticly saying he SUCKS and will NEVER be good/ a starter in this league again... and this idea that he was "given" the starting job and has Had "TOO MANY Chances" isn't accurate. That bothers me. I hope the Bears win tonight, but what would that really mean? Go Bears...*sigh*   

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